Sunday, 1 March 2015

Focus for Inquiry has changed!

After thinking long and hard about my inquiry and looking at the make-up of my class I have decided to change the focus for my inquiry to the students who need more support in class. These students can sometimes struggle to stay on task and stay focussed on any given activity. So my goal for them is to create high cognitive engagement activities that they can tackle on their own and help them become more independent learners.

I will have to look at wording these activities clearly in language they understand or providing them with appropriate images that will allow them to work through the process, communicating with each other to problem solve and encouraging them to work in small groups sharing their ideas and helping each other through the given activity.

By scaffolding these groups correctly each individual will have the chance to shine and use their own strengths to help the group.


  1. Quite a challenge but this does match your class. Wouldn't it be great to engage those bumptious boys with some clear scaffolding and thought provoking activities!

  2. Good idea to have a re-think about your inquiry, and make it suit the needs of your class! You are doing so well with your students, and I like the way this inquiry looks at positive ways to engage some of your students who have trouble staying on task. Maybe you could look at a system of symbols?