Sunday, 9 August 2015

Term 3 Plan

Term 3 is upon us and the learners I was targeting last term have responded well to my Explain Everything (EE) activities. By recording the instructions, I made the students independent learners and this helped everybody in class get on with their work and not interrupt each other.

This term I am going to focus on creating some EE templates that can be used for any book at varying levels. Although I have got quicker at making EE's it is still time consuming and I need to work smarter not harder.

At Point England School we work to a model of Learn-Create-Share so it's important for my students to get creative and make their own EE's. This has been successful in Math lessons and writing lessons and now through creating basic templates I hope to get the students input in creating our own EE reading activities.

I created a very simple book review template for my students who are reading above the standard.
Slide 1 - students have to take a photo of the cover of the book and insert it into slide.
Slide 2 - students have to write down the name of the Author and the Title of the book.
Slide 3 - students have to tell me about the story adding as much detail as they can.
Slide 4 - students write the main characters down and briefly tell me about each one.
Slide 5 - students tell me why they like/dislike the story. They can do this using the record button.

This has worked ok but I need to fine tune it. I also need to create templates for my learners who are reading below the standard. I will have to put in voice instructions for them but I hope to make it general enough that we can put the template to any book.

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  1. I agree it is a tricky path to get specific and explicit teaching and learning goals, while being efficient with consolidation activities.