Monday, 20 February 2017

2017 : Math Inquiry

2017 has started with such positive energy in my class. I have been lucky enough to move with my class from Year 2 into Year 3. Because of this my students were so comfortable the first day of school and were ready to start learning day 1 of term 1.

This year, for my Professional Inquiry, I am looking into how I can achieve the best Math results for each individual student.

I decided for Term 1 that I was going to focus on teaching my students the Math knowledge they would need, so they could apply this knowledge to the new strategies they would be using to solve mathematical problems.

Even before they start school, most children develop an understanding of addition and subtraction through everyday interactions. For example, Thomas has two cars; Joseph wants one. After Thomas shares one, he sees that he has one car left. Other math skills are introduced through daily routines you share with your child—counting steps as you go up or down, for example. Informal activities like this one give children a jump start on the formal math instruction that starts in school. The ability to think through a problem, to recognize there is more than one path to the answer. It means using past knowledge and logical thinking skills to find an answer.

I am excited by this Inquiry as I have never had a Math focus before. It is taking me out of my comfort zone of Reading and Writing and it will challenge me in ways I can’t even imagine. I look forward to sharing my ideas with my colleagues and getting constructive feedback in our Inquiry meetings. I will keep you updated on my progress as I continue to inquire into my practice.


  1. I love your enthusiasm! I hope your students enjoy the process of acquiring the knowledge they need to be great mathematicians. All the best with your inquiry.

  2. Chrissy, I am so excited to see how your students do this year after being with you for two straight school years. The learning and excitement coming from your room is evident (even in these early weeks of the school year) to those walking by. I am very interested to see what steps you take to increase student maths knowledge especially since this is clearly something that many of our students have gaps in. Have you had any success with anything particular yet this year?

  3. It's been great to see what a smooth start you have had to the year as our kids have such a great headstart already knowing how things work in your room and you know them as learners so well. It'll be interesting to see what you can achieve with your focus on Maths as I know what an great impact your writing focus had on your kids. Are you focussing on a particular group?